Don't Worry!


Have you ever been around someone who is very anxious or fearful? Perhaps you yourself have had bouts with anxiety. In truth, at one point or another, we all have felt some level of anxiety and/or fear. Both of those come with a lot of uncertainty, something we humans don't like at all.

So what to do ... there are two words you can use that can be very calming. And that is, "Don't worry!" These two words can provide instant relief for the fearful or anxious person. Even saying to yourself, "I'm OK. Don't worry, everything's going to be all right," can help you calm down.

When you see someone who is anxious, saying those two words with confidence can immediately reduce the tension. It almost feels like, "Phew..."

Saying don't worry is particularly useful in times of highly-stressful situations, especially if you see that the person is panicked. Even using the words to put someone at ease, is effective.

The minute you see someone become anxious, indecisive, or fearful, stay calm and relaxed yourself. That way you can relay that calm energy to the other person. By staying calm, you give the feeling that everything is under control and that you can help them through whatever it is they're going through.

Keep those two words tucked away. And if the opportunity presents itself, don't hesitate to say, "Don't worry!"


Thanks for this reminder!

Worries are inevitable. It's so true that we can easily avoid persistent worrisome thoughts. If I have such a thought, I immediately say, "Cancel" as a way of negating it. It works.

Once, when on an airplane as it was revving up for takeoff, I felt unusual anxiety. I asked the passenger sitting next to me if she was anxious. She replied, yes, and feared flying. I took her hand and held it until we were safely up in the sky. She relaxed immediately. That's when I learned that anxiety impacts those around you physically. In such situations, by calming another, you can calm yourself from the anxiety that spilled into you.