Learn How to Be More Outspoken When It Matters

Too many folks are ignoring the truth. They're looking the other way, either out of fear or feeling powerless. Not this guy. He's giving Republicans "what for" for their dangerous ongoing practice of stirring the pot of "nothingness" while allowing the nation to go down the tubes.

If you're afraid to speak up and share your truth, take a lesson from Congressman Rob Menendez.

Well Street

It's shameful that the committee has done no real work. Though his words of truth won't move Agent Orange's disciples to action, I admire Mr. Menendez for calling out his counterparts.


Speaking up when what we have to say won't be well received by the majority is difficult. But when the time calls for it, we have to push beyond our safe zone and speak our truth. Congressman Menendez spoke his truth as his heart dictated. I applaud his courage.