Saint Jerome

Mount Horeb's picture

United States


Language(s) I speak

English and some Spanish

My heroes

All the Angels and Saints- Jesus the Son of God- The Lord the giver of Life and The Holy Spirit

I love

Reading- music- art- -antiques- learning- attending Mass - documentaries and my dog Beau!

My blessings

To love the imperfect.

Saint Jerome

A miracle I would perform if I could

Give all people the power of empathy.

What I need most

Freedom from work. I need time to rest my broken body. I need time to learn. I need time to be at peace.

What I have to give

Merciful intercessory prayer.

What liberates me

At this point in time- what liberates me most is to arrive early to church before Mass. To sit in the glow of stained glass windows in a dimly lit pew- to pray in front of the blessed tabernacle- while the hushed whispers and echoing footsteps flutter lit votive candles as the cantors soft voices drop waves of Latin hymns from the gallery above. It’s my Heaven.

One of my proudest achievements so far

My proudest achievement is the fact that I don’t rely on anyone for anything except myself. Also to overcome the fear of being alone and being happy with the vocation of being single.