Kimmi Stephens

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United States


Language(s) I speak

English (日本語を勉強しています)

My heroes

Jennifer Doudna

I love

Anime, reading, my cat Hiryu

My blessings

My cat Hiryu, my husband Tim, my sister Kerri

Kimmi Stephens

A miracle I would perform if I could

I would cure all the illnesses that people have. I entered the field of medical science because I believe that it is possible to make significant progress towards curing or effectively managing many illnesses. While we may not have the ability to perform miracles in the strictest sense, we can still work towards improving our understanding of how different diseases develop and what can be done to prevent or treat them. Through investment in medical research, training talented healthcare professionals, and increasing access to healthcare, we can move towards a future where many illnesses can be cured or managed effectively.

What I need most

There are many things that I might need at different times in my life, but there are a few things that I believe are essential for my overall well-being and happiness. One of the things I need most is a sense of purpose and meaning in my life. This can come from a sense of accomplishment or contribution to something greater than myself, whether it's my work, my relationships, or my community. I also need a sense of connection and belonging, whether it's with friends, family, or a larger community. This helps me feel supported and appreciated, and gives me a sense of belonging and purpose. Finally, I need time for self-care and personal growth, whether it's through hobbies, exercise, or other forms of self-expression. Taking time for myself helps me to recharge and feel more balanced and fulfilled.

What I have to give

As an individual, I have a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives that I can offer to others. I am a creative and resourceful problem-solver, and I enjoy coming up with creative solutions to difficult challenges. I am a compassionate and empathetic person, and I always strive to understand and support others, no matter their circumstances. In addition to these qualities, I am also a hard worker and am committed to doing my best in everything I do. Overall, I believe that I have a lot to offer the world, and I am always looking for ways to make a positive impact on the lives of those around me.

What liberates me

There are many things that liberate me, but perhaps the most important is the freedom to think and express myself freely. When I am able to fully embrace my own thoughts, ideas, and beliefs without fear of judgment or persecution, I feel liberated. This freedom allows me to explore new ideas and push boundaries, to challenge my own assumptions and biases, and to grow and evolve as a person. It also allows me to connect with others who share similar values and beliefs, creating a sense of community and belonging. Overall, the freedom to think and express myself is essential to my personal growth and well-being, and I am grateful for the opportunity to experience it.

One of my proudest achievements so far

Completing my PhD in sperm movement was undoubtedly my greatest achievement to date. The process of researching and writing my dissertation was grueling at times, but ultimately extremely rewarding. I was able to delve deep into the scientific literature on this topic and make significant contributions to our understanding of how sperm move and navigate their way to the egg. The skills and knowledge I gained during my PhD have been invaluable in my career and have opened up countless new opportunities for me. I am extremely proud of my accomplishment and grateful for the support of my advisors and colleagues who helped me along the way.