Go Light Your World

The International Federation of Journalists reported that 94 journalists have been killed so far in 2023, and almost 400 others have been imprisoned.

I wonder, is there any difference between a group like Hamas that uses innocent captives as human shields—and governments that kill or imprison journalists to shield the world from the ugly truth?

Repressive, authoritarian governments are universally enemies of a free and open press, a core tenet of American democracy. Such governments don’t want any part of their darkness coming to light. And that is the only way to understand the purpose of cover ups. Whoever orders the hiding of facts (or the silencing of those who report them) knows the truth is unacceptable in the eyes of humanity however you spin it.

Journalists risk their lives every day, capturing painful realities in unshielded video footage and photographs where irrepressible human emotions can’t hide. To them, and for their courage to shine a light, I am grateful.

As part of my Listening for Peace pledge, and to honor all the journalists who have been permanently silenced or remain in prison, I am posting “Go Light Your World” sung by Kathy Troccoli.


I love the message of this song. We can do our part by taking our candle and lighting our world each and every day.

I also join you in paying tribute to the honorable journalists who put their lives on the line to keep us informed of the real truth of our nation and the world.

Thank you!


I applaud the idealism of the both of you. I wish I could share it. I absolutely have no faith in the integrity of journalists today.
Yes, there are journalists who believe what they hear and write, but there are also those who write with a political slant on how they believe. What is truth, and what is opinion?


I totally understand the cynicism regarding journalists. But there are many muckrakers who do an outstanding job of getting to the truth. And, yes, there are many vocal opinion makers who have an ax to grind and push their own political views into the world--but they are not journalists. Also, there are propagandists with a political agenda pretending to be journalists who are paid to stir the pot. They are not out there risking their lives.

What is the truth? In today's world, it seems the truth is what people want it to be and everything else can be dismissed as a lie. Who in the news do you trust to tell you the truth?


You are totally right. I apologize to the “real” journalists that you speak of that are out there risking their lives. There are so many posers on cable news that I get mixed up sometimes..


Part of the problem is our government lacks a moral conscience. We say that we must fight fire with fire, but then when we stoop to the level of other nations in an effort to maintain our edge, our superiority, we can no longer claim our moral superiority, and we certainly can't call ourselves leaders of the free world since we're justifying immoral behavior as a necessary evil. So what are journalists to do? Reveal the truth or tow the line? American history has always been about spin, and not the truth. It's about maintaining our image as a heroic, brilliant, innovative, moral country where justice always prevails. Try to tell the truth through school books now and you either get fired or your book gets banned.


I agree. And "honorable" is the key word. If they weren't telling the truth, no one would bother with killing them. But they risk their lives because they believe that is the job of a good journalist.

Present Valley

Your song choice as usual was so timely!

Like many people right now I was needing some light. Candles are an aspect of the holidays that bring me great joy because of the way they light up my home.

I realized this year candles are also bringing "lightness" into my life and spirit. Although I'm not out in the world holding a candle I can say a prayer when I light mine and remember every day those who for a multitude of reasons also need light in their lives.

Especially those who are risking their lives to keep me informed about what is happening in the world at large.


Thank you for your comment. And bringing lightness into your spirit and home a nice way of looking at it. In a way, we can all be like candles, reflecting the light within, bringing light to others, through words, deeds, or prayers.

Well Street

The willingness to risk one's life to report the news from battlefields and to witness traumatic events time and again is a unique calling. We're the beneficiaries of those journalists' bravery as we tune into their reports from the comfort of our homes.

Thank you for posting.


So true. I don't know what drives someone to leave the comforts of home for a war zone, especially with the daily tragedies that will be witnessed, but it is a special person much like Doctors Without Borders. We are, indeed, the beneficiaries of the risks they day every day. Thanks for your comment.