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Create Alliances

Create Alliances

Initiate collaborations with other city founders
Start collaborating!

The town square has always been a bastion for social gathering and collaborative change. But today's town squares are generally planned around theaters, eateries, and shopping.

In Youtropolis, you'll collaborate with other liberators in the Younited Front, your city's own town square where tribe members gather to respond to each other's posts.

Whatever you post will always appear in your Younited Front, and an alert will be sent out to tribe members with a link to your post page.

When tribe members post into your Younited Front, you'll also be alerted, furthering actionable collaborations between you and your tribe.

To collaborate on a tribe member's post:

  • Click the link provided in your alert or notification email to start collaborating
  • On their post page, click "Respond" to engage in tribe dialogs. If you're voting on a poll, be sure to use your intuition while responding.
  • You can also send your tribe member a private message from the post page, award kindreds, sign up for their event, or join their tribe if you haven't yet done so.
How to hide an unwanted post from your Younited Front

To promote collaboration and sharing, your Tribe members may post into your Younited Front. When they do, you earn kindreds. You may however remove the post if you feel it's inappropriate or doesn't reflect your city's values. Here's how:

To hide a post, you must be signed in. Then follow these steps:

  • Select the Tribe icon in your landmark scroller
  • On your Younited Front page, find the post you want to hide
  • Select the "Hide" link provided beneath the post teaser
  • On the confirmation page, select the Hide button to remove the post

That's all there is to it!

Choosing Trade Alliances

To strengthen your safety net, it's always beneficial to join goal-specific tribes you're not yet allied with. Whenever you join a new tribe that aligns with your goals and objectives, you establish a beneficial trade alliance with them and gain access to their trade activities and collaborative opportunites.

To find ideal trade alliances on Desktop:

  • Select the search icon above and choose Cities
  • On desktop, you may choose tags displayed in the tag box
  • On mobile, scroll down to choose from the tag box
  • If you're looking for something more specific, you may conduct your own search by tag by adding related terms to the tag search box (e.g., dancers, fitness experts, publicists, robotics)
  • If your search shows no results, try adding synonymous tags
  • Once matches are found, click any of the tribe names to navigate to their city and learn more about them
  • If you decide to join the tribe, click Join my tribe in their Civic Center
  • On their collaborate page, click Join in now to start receiving alerts on their activities
Become a trustworthy trade partner

A trustworthy trade partner amounts to being an active partner in any trade alliance relationship. Responding to the tribe's polls, pledges, wishes, or events, makes you a reliable partner that others can count on.

Follow these practices to keep your trade alliance relationships thriving:

  • always respond to their polls
  • support their wishes in any way you can
  • send uplifting postcards with motivating messages to keep their pledges on track
  • uplift their spirit by awarding kindreds
  • share their posts with others

Remember, trade goes both ways. If your trade partners are offering you something of value, keep in mind that they, too, are trying to get ahead in their own way. The support you offer will be appreciated and remembered. As the saying goes: you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.

Manage your Trade Alliances

Joining other cities to acquire valuable trade alliances increases the strength of your social safety net. Your trade alliances management page provides a list of all the cities you've joined and the date the alliance was formed. If for any reason you’d like to bow out of a trade alliance, just follow the steps below. Your trade partner will not be notified of your departure, but you will no longer appear in that city's tribe directory. To bow out: 

  • Sign in
  • Select Tribe & Alliances under the 3 dot Manage menu
  • Click the Trade Alliances tab
  • Scroll down your trade alliances listing, find the city you want to leave and click Bow out
  • Click Bow out on the confirmation page to complete the action