About - Global Liberation Declaration

In a world compelled by global agreements that propel only the narrow interests of a wealthy minority forward and dismiss the basic needs, rights, and freedoms of people worldwide;
where the illusion of DEMOCRACY celebrates the pomp and outcome of elections but rarely negotiates the will of the people in any substantive legislative manner...
an urgent need arises for humanity to join in solidarity to construct a bold new land of opportunity where liberation can begin...
and where we liberate:
the Genius in us
to reimagine our world
the Philosopher in us
to uplift our world
the Peacemaker in us
to calm down the world
the Mover & Shaker in us
to bring joy to the world
the Power Broker in us
to rise higher in the world
the Trailblazer in us
to right the ways of the world
the Philanthropist in us
to give love to the world.
Build your city in the new land of opportunity!It's free. It's fun.