balling with an old friend

Younited Front Pledge

Taking my best friend out to finally play basketball. While this may seem an ordinary thing to do, it's been a while for us to get together and since we love ballin', and it's a beautiful day out, it's time to ball up, hang out and enjoy each other's company.


Good for you! Maybe the two of you should make a pledge to each other to do this more often. More friend fun is a recipe for more happiness. Have a great time!


Your pledge has inspired me!

I was wanting to get out and meander around the local's always a breath of fresh air...but I looked at my workload and nixed the idea. Now I'm taking your pledge as a sign that, I too, can get out and do something I love.

Thanks for your pledge and have fun!

Well Street

The two of you have been shooting hoops for a long time, and it's a valuable activity that continues to strengthen your bond—definitely worth making time for.

Good stuff!